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I have been visiting Wendy for approximately 5 months. I first went to her on a friend's recommendation and with various niggles. I had lower back pain and stiffness, and a shoulder with residual pain following a trapped nerve some months previously. Wendy concentrated on relieving the pain but also on addressing the cause of the pain. She addressed my posture in one session which allowed me to put my shoulders into the right position, something tight muscles had prevented. Over several sessions she worked on my shoulder and the discomfort only occurs now if I treat it badly. My back benefited from targeted intervention  in the early sessions and from the maintenance sessions I have with Wendy now. Last year I completed my first cycle Sportif with Hands On Events. I had a sports massage with Wendy two days before. Despite strong winds and horizontal rain at times, I felt energised and capable and will definitely have a massage with Wendy before my next one. Hilary Mackay

I suffered a serious heel injury about two years ago, breaking the left calcaneum in two places and severely damaging the soft tissue. After minimal therapy from the local NHS physiotherapist I asked Wendy for advice. Over a period of eighteen months she regularly massaged and manipulated my foot and provided a comprehensive list of exercises to ensure the inevitable long term damage was minimised. The hospital consultant who dealt with me commented that the recovery from the injury was at least as good as he had ever seen and that the flexibility in my foot was remarkable. This outcome is due to Wendy’s ongoing determination to do all that she could for me. I am very fortunate to have benefited from her expertise. Lindsay Freck

As a seriously committed athlete it is inevitable that I suffer the occasional sports injury, from a torn hamstring to a simple muscle twinge. As a result I have often visited Wendy over the last three years. She has not only provided effective remedial massages; she has also given sound practical advice on self help exercises designed to minimise the period of time spent in recuperation. I have no hesitation in recommending her services to anyone involved in physical sport. Sam Freck

After a serious RTA in 2010  I was left with a permanently damaged shoulder. Wendy's knowledge of the human body, expertise and skill have brought me back to normal. Her warmth and kindness were encouraging in themselves and I shall be forever grateful to her. Rosemary Sandham

Massage was fantastic. I've been really stiff after weeks on a boat and she managed to ease off many of the aches and pains. By the end of it I was very relaxed as if I'd had a holiday. Cath Vise

I was initially very nervous about having a treatment, but Wendy immediately put me at ease.  I felt fantastic the next day.  Definitely will be having a regular appointment from now on!  5 stars and a smiley face. Rebecca Smith

I came to Wendy with neck tension, which was really painful and affecting my day to day routine. As an IT person I am desk bound for a lot of the day and I needed to tackle my posture and neck tension pretty quickly. After a few Indian Head Massages, my aches and pains had gone and I continued to have more massages with Wendy as I enjoyed the wonderful stress relief they gave me. Bill Carnegie

I have been going to Wendy regularly for a while and after each session I feel so much better, less stress, less joint pain and just an over all feeling of well being.  I have also noticed that my energy level has increased, which is wonderful. Karen Fraser

Wendy has been treating me for a couple of years now.  She has a profound understanding of human anatomy, can alleviate most temporary

aches and pains in one session, but also has an enthusiasm and ability to deal with long term issues to bring overall health back to the patient. Cara Connell

Some nice things that lovely clients have said about my treatments ...

Early last year I discovered Wendy who had previously treated my daughter – and Boy Oh Boy – what a find!! I had been suffering with severe pain in both my hips and in addition, always had a dull ache in my shoulder due to a very old injury. Following a thorough consultation – Wendy got to work on my broken body and due to meeting this little ‘Pocket Rocket’ I can honestly say, following a few treatments, I am fixed.  I can now yomp up and down the hills (which I love to do) and I have no pain whatsoever. I will continue to have an ‘overhaul’ every so often just to keep things loose.  I can thoroughly recommend Wendy and I would urge anyone who is in pain to contact this lady.  Absolutely brilliant.  Maggie Barclay